Need Something Inspected?

Need a Potable Water Tank or Fire Tank Cleaned or Repaired?

Look no further.

We offer Unparalleled Services

Our divers and underwater robots specialize in tanks cleaning, inspections and surveys of:

  • Water tanks
  • Potable Water Storages
  • Pipelines
  • Fire water tanks - (NFPA 22 and 25). 
    • Both drained tank inspection and Underwater ROV inspection of all types and sizes of storage tanks except for petroleum products
  • Inground, ground level, and elevated tanks constructed out of poured in place reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, composite, welded steel, riveted steel, bolted steel, glass lined bolted steel, fiberglass, and hydropneumatic tanks
  • Wet wells
  • Hulls of ships, Underwater structures and Eco-marine environments
  • Surveying, Analysis, Documentation and Expert Recommendations:
    • Utilizing in tank water temperature (side to side and top to bottom) measurements
    • Determination and Evaluation of effectiveness of present water mixing system and/or recommendation of new water mixing system.

Atlantic Underwater Services Inc.

​United States Premiere Tank Inspection and diving company