Atlantic Underwater Services Inc.

​United States Premiere Tank Inspection and diving company




​Commercial Diving Services

​Our marine construction capabilities employ the top guns of our field. 

We represent extremely skilled and extensively knowledgable, certified diving professionals.

Our team consists of some of the best oil field and inland diving professionals possessing over 40 years of experience

The core experiences of our team include shallow air, mixed gas and saturation, salvage, burning and welding as well as underwater concrete repair

As a group we have worked on many of the largest and most complicated projects in the US and abroad. Our crew is very experienced with underwater demolition and salvage, hydro-electric dam maintenance/repair/ retrofit, structural welding, production cutting utilizing tubular steel and ultra-thermic burning rigs, vessel salvage and civil construction

We are confident that a more experienced and well equipped commercial diving team does not exist within the Caribbean and the US


Atlantic Underwater Services Inc. offers two main divisions where we focus our business:

Commercial diving and Tank Inspections ROVs and UAVs

These two divisions give our clients choice to ensure the best possible services and safest underwater results
After thousands of underwater cleanings and inspections, we know what to look for
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in inspections of all types of tanks, storages and underwater structures, so you can be confident we know what we’re doing

We’re also fully aware of the importance of the information we provide, as we are your eyes under the water
We keep your client and site-specific database on easily retrievable so it is simple to obtain when needed

This includes a complete written, video and digital photo history of each job performed, so there is a continued tracking system for maintenance, inspection and compliance of client assets

We work both with independent organizations as well as a multitude of engineering firms, municipalities and housing developments to ensure compliance is maintained and all safety requirements are met.

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